Art Reloaded

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Art Reloaded is a contemporary and urban art agent with exclusive representation of some of the best new contemporary artists, UK, Europe and Worldwide; working with galleries as well as private and commercial clients. This is Art Reloaded.

Anna Lou Andersen, artist profile

Anna Lou Andersen

Anna Lou Andersen is trained in figurative drawing and painting and now works with many different mediums including acrylics and oils, sculpture and light installations. She lives and works in her studios in Hamar in Norway and Sunne in Sweden. Read more about Anna Lou Andersen.

Monika Nowak Artist Profile

Monika Nowak

Paris based Monika Nowak expresses a vision of todays women through her sexy pop heroines. Her heroines are paradoxical, contradictory and excessive but also soft, wild, poetic and provocative. She has refined her use of digital media and combines it with collage and free hand elements to create a unique style. Read more about Monika Nowak.

This is Art Reloaded.

Anna Lou Anderson artworkWe're excited to announce the next chapter of the business as an art agency. There's so much new talent and stunning art that's un-discovered and un-represented we simply couldn't stand around and watch. So, hot on the heals of opening Reload Gallery we're now representing new contemporary art talent. Please feel free to contact us if you think we can help you bring your talent to a wider audience. We'll take a look at your work and if we feel we can help we will be in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss your possible successful future with Art Reloaded