Bosky Rigs Pop Up Event @ Reload

Off the radar street wear label Bosky Rigs will be showcasing their super cool clothing range in a 2 day pop up event at Reload on the weekend of 19th - 20th May. The brand was established in East London, and took the scene by storm with their first capsule collection which was dropped online only via their website Since then the brand has experienced national success; with stints at Mayfair’s exclusive Wolf & Badger designer boutique, and Pure Labels designer pop up store in Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre. In a write up by Celebrity stylist Kitty Cowell, She commended their use of sustainable organic cotton and biodegradable packaging, and described the brand’s limited edition unisex lifestyle apparel as having a more illustrated feel than most other brands in London’s street wear scene. A spokesperson for Bosky Rigs said, “clear your calendars for the 19th-20th May, and come prepared for the queue. We’re expecting heavy attendance, and access is strictly limited - it’s gonna go off!” Expect pumping grime and hip hop from local and national DJ’s throughout the course of the event, and a complete sensory assault In a shopping experience that promises to be like no other.