Andrew J Mason

Andrew J Mason, artist profile image

Andrew has been making art in one form or another for most of his life, but things really clicked for him when he discovered the craft of sign painting and in particular reverse glass gilding. He loves the unique finish of enamel paint on glass, the drive for precision with infinite room for adaptation and creativity and the very special effect of working with real gold leaf in combination with bright and vibrant colours.

“As a gilder I work in exactly the same way as generations of gilders before me, using the same tools and processes, and I'm proud to be part of a tradition which stretches back many generations. For that reason, each piece I make is individually hand painted by me and carefully gilded by hand. I do try to give the letter forms I create my own very contemporary twist though, while respecting and drawing from the past. I think that the letters and words we see around us every day have their own special beauty and my art tries to draw attention to and celebrate that."