David Williamson

David Williamson, artist profile image

David Williamson is a UK based visual artist with a background in fine art printmaking, and abstract oil painting. His work is influenced by what he sees as the mythic aspects of pop culture. Exhibiting internationally he was invited to take part at insideAR in Munich in 2014, and become one of the worlds first artists to experiment with Augmented Reality(AR) as a new medium for the arts. He hasn’t looked back. 

“In 2014 I was offered the opportunity to make some real life science fiction, and to participate in the future. So I was definitely getting involved with that.”

He considers his work in Augmented Reality to be a natural parallel for the pop art of the 20th century, the very medium began its life as a marketing tool, and he jokingly calls his work “cyber pop”. His work calls into question where the boundaries of the digital, and real world really lie. 

“The future of advertisement and mainstream pop culture is largely looking to be operated through AR, purely in terms of investment that is evident. I’m just trying to bring an artistic presence to that forum.”

Williamson is building a world of neo-classical sculpture, coated in brilliant pop colour and iconography, one that is sitting just outside the eyeline, waiting to come alive.