EMELiE, artist profile image

Emelie is an Award-winning International Pop-Artist based in Wiltshire, UK, where she paints from her garden studio in a small village near Bath.

Using animated colours to create striking multi-layered Portraiture, Emelie works passionately to bring out ‘Your inner Superhero’, titling her works in such a way that they act as powerful affirmations when read; ‘I am Strong’, ‘I am Fierce’, ‘I am Selfless’…

Taking inspiration from her hoard of … treasures (!) ranging from decaying mountains of vintage comics, timeworn books from years passed and her love for the DC and Marvel realms of films and stories.

“The detail in my work is thought upon way ahead of time.The primary layers go down in a chaotic dance, whilst the planned implementation of the portrait comes into play much later.

So many layers are created in turn to promote depth of composition and intensity of emotion.  The lips or eyes tend to be the focus, with the rest of the portrait falling into place thereafter.  I strive to express strength and vulnerability in unison”

Emelie uses a cocktail of soft and hard bodied acrylic, spray paints and texture-generating tools. Texture and translucency of layers are paramount in Emelie’s work, allowing her to acknowledge the various identities we take on in our everyday lives.

Emelie’s Portraiture work is gaining extensive momentum, with new clients just this year located throughout the UK, America, Australia, France and Dubai.   Emelie is undoubtedly one to watch, with her works of Art considered an esteemed investment.