Gerry Buxton

Gerry Buxton, artist profile image

''Based in South East London Gerry Buxton is an artist and print-maker. He is part of a new generation of print-makers combining cutting edge digital illustration and the time-honored discipline of screen printing. His work focuses on the relationship between people and iconic places.

His prints are based on his photographs. By combining many photographs from the same location he captures more than just a snap shot of a moment in time. The final prints are an idealizedĀ version of the scene and capture a progression of time into one single image, charting the progress of different characters as they make their way through the scene.

His most recent body of work, a series of illustrations of people engrossed on their smart phones printed straight onto old iPhone's hold up a mirror to our obsession and addiction to the mobile. The works tease and
titillate and fit seamlessly into the tradition of contemporary Pop Art.

As well as producing his own work he has produced commissioned work for clients including the Tate Modern, London City Airport, theĀ  Science Museum and the Marylebone Cricket Club.''