Fast & Furious August 14, 2015 17:08

Well what a journey we’ve been on over the last few months.

It started with a trawl of the streets of Leamington looking for the right premises for Reload Gallery. Not so much of a chore, as it’s a wonderful place.

Then it was a couple of months of the legal ‘stuff’! That was definitely not exciting, but it is important… yawn!

But then we got the keys… and the hard work really started bringing my vision to life.

The decorating has been done, the lights have been fitted, the floor goes in this week. But it hasn’t just been about the premises. You name it, I’ve done it and I’ve enjoyed every single minute. I’ve been creating a brand, producing promotional leaflets, building a website, writing press releases, finding customers… not to mention working with all the fabulous artists who are supporting me with this new venture.

I can’t wait to start hanging all the awesome work that has been sent to me – massive thanks go out to all my artists – Agnetha Sjogren, Cherie Strong, Leigh Hammett, DS, Lemak, Lewis Bannister, Louis Nicolas-Darbon, Mason Storm, Robin Coleman, Roy's People, T.Wat, Trust. iCON, Void & Zoe Moss. I am overwhelmed by the quality of the art that will be hanging on my walls.

I can’t quite believe that we are almost there. And I can’t put into words how thrilling it is that my ambition is about to happen.

I couldn’t have got there without all the fantastic support of my family and friends. It's going to take me a lifetime repaying them for everything they have done for me over the last few months. I’m forever grateful. But from here on in, it should be plain sailing… here’s hoping!

Come along and see me in my brand spanking new urban and contemporary art gallery!