Tim Fowler

Tim Fowler, artist profile image

“I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2007 with a degree in Contemporary Fine Art. I began my career painting mainly architectural subject matter. From derelict factories to icon buildings. In 2013 I became interested in portraiture and this has consumed my practise ever since. The one thing that hasn't changed is my recognisable style and bold use of colour. I have always had a passion for colours even before I was ever interested in art. Whether it was clothing, toys, cartoons or animals I was always attracted to their colours. However I do not simple overload a painting with every bright colour available. The palette and juxtaposition for each painting is carefully thought out, changed and considered during the creation.

“I work mainly with acrylic due to it's versatility as a medium and the amount of different hues available, including fluorescents. I combine this with the subtle use of spray paint, which again is very versatile. It can be used for blending, stencils, flat areas and thick line work. Marker pens, oils, graffiti inks and oil sticks are also used widely in my practise. This range of mediums helps me build up layers of strong harmonic colours and contrasting elements within my work. I now feel I have a strong style which is often recognised as a 'Tim Fowler'. Whatever the subject matter my use of colour gives my paintings a surreal and unique quality”.

“Since my move into portraiture I have been focusing on black and white movie stars as my subjects. This era was before my time and I have not seen any of these stars in action, nor do I wish too. I am drawn to them because of their head shots and stills from their films. There is something very powerful about the way present themselves in front of the camera, combined with old high contrast photography. Especially with the female actors. Also I love the contrast created between the vintage fashion and haircuts and my bold, modern approach to painting. Recently I have started painting some more contemporary subjects and I pick these based on either their careers, their facial structure or simply if I like them or the character the play. Even though I paint a lot of famous or iconic figures my work is than more than just about that person. You can view and enjoy a painting without knowing or caring who the subject is. I try to create something deeper than a literal representation”.