TRUST. iCON, artist profile image

iCON is a street artist from Thamesmead in the south east of London (an area infamous for being the back drop for the cult movie classic A Clockwork Orange). Working with contrasting styles of cartoon and reality iCON delivers messages of social commentary through his socially conscious street art.

iCON's unique mix of controversy and humour insures you always have a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. iCON is active on the streets of London, Berlin and Los Angeles and his unique style has gained him critical acclaim for his thought provoking pieces. iCON is a purest, holding street art culture closely to his heart and believing that art can change anything. iCON's identity remains unknown.

Street art is now and has always been the unedited, uncensored voice of the people. But now being commercially viable what was once a whisper is now an angry roar! Never underestimate its power, it is capable of inspiring a single thought or an entire generation.

- iCON (TRUST. iCON Global Street Art Movement)