Robin Coleman

Robin Coleman, artist profile image

Born in the UK and without formal art training or schooling, Robin Coleman’s popularity and success are purely down to his hard work and original style. Each painting Robin produces takes hours and hours of hard work and dedication. He is an artist that refuses assistants or interns, hence the demand for the few works that are produced is extremely high.

He started painting to relieve the stress from a debilitating spinal injury, which he still battles with today. His early experimental pieces involved images of Marilyn Monroe, The Krays and Jimi Hendrix. Moving forward his expression was found in the use of mixed media such as newsprint, comic books and magazine cuttings.

Robin has exhibited in many galleries both in the UK and abroad. These include galleries in California, Dubai, Cape Town and Paris to name a few.

Robin is happy to do commissioned pieces. Please contact us to find out more.