BRAT, artist profile image

Born in Paris in 68, Brat first became a movie director. Self-taught, he learns from various art forms, from films to paintings, from photography to music, from comics to the pop culture. As many images, encounters and emotions feeding his world and anchoring in a form of « off the wall reality », acting as an observer of the never ending mutation of a World that resembles us. He constantly questions through out his art the absurd and beauty. He likes represented the world in a different way. He likes to believes in the energy that comes out of the composition; finally he’s a believer in everlasting feelings…

His work which at first may appear just entertaining and might be interpreted as some form of defiant “urban street pop” art, is in fact the product of a much deeper reflection.

In his collection “Metamorphosis”, Brat use the angel wings as symbolism of relationships between the material and the spirit. They allow to transcend the human nature.

The wings that have been added show in this case a lyrical and extravagant transformation: the allegory of “a perpetual rebirth”. Our short-lived existence is tinted by immortality.Brat defines art as an impulsive wave … It’s like adding life to life.