KillJoy, artist profile image

Nick Stroud aka KillJoy.

After turning down a place at Goldsmiths college London back in the 1980’s, Nick instead joined an interior design company that specialised in furniture making and decorative finishes. The experience in creative workmanship combined with his childhood passion for wanting to become an artist has been a key factor in the artwork that Nick produces today. In the past 10 years Nick has re-awakened his love for art and has taken part in various exhibitions in the UK. He is also one of the founding members of the Urban Obsession art group.
Using neon lighting and sculpture combined with different finishes including chrome and graffiti style dips, Nick produces very striking pieces. His skull creations with their neon lights are presented in ornate frames that are perfect for urban and modern style tastes. Killjoy skulls and artworks can be found in venues such as the Libertines Indie band Hotel and recording studio as well as many collections overseas.

KillJoy is also available to produce any of his pieces in a multitude of different neon colours. Please contact us for details.