UrbanSolid, artist profile image

Urbansolid started thanks to a friendship between two friends and a strong passion for art and sculpture.

At the end of 2003, we both finished Brera Fine Art Academy, where we took an interest in classical sculpture and moulding techniques. In 2009 we started experimenting with anatomic objects, using materials that can stand the test of time. Plaster cast became our material of choice as we could make any object we desired.

Using plaster cast or cement is a perfect complement to a city surrounded by buildings. Our sculptures bring a meaning to a city that is lacking vibrant colour and social messages.

What is your relationship with the urban jungle?

Some of our work is created in our studio. Then we will go out and find the perfect wall to place it. Although it is usually the city that gives us inspiration to create a mould, for example the “Panettone”. In other cases, it is the wall that speaks to us and says “Hey you...I am here.... Do you want to install something on me??”

This is why we created Urbansolid. The background is paramount to us and makes our work worthwhile. We want our artwork to be a visual and physical connection. We find great satisfaction from people interacting with our work, whether it is to touch, feel or to take a photo. We want the people to be curious and ask question on how and why this sculpture is here……