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Andrew J Millar

Andrew J Millar lives in Whitechapel, East London. He creates his stunning images using a combination of instant film, Gold, Platinum, silver leaf and paint. These techniques combine to produce delicately detailed collage pieces that... Read more about Andrew J Millar

Anna K Innes

Anna is an actress who has featured in several Star Wars films and series. As a child she was obsessed with science fiction and was determined to be involved with it in some form. It... Read more about Anna K Innes


Banksy, a street artist whose identity remains unknown, is believed to have been born in Bristol, England, around 1974. He rose to prominence for his provocative stenciled pieces in the late 1990s.... Read more about Banksy

Ben Allen

Free-spirited, UK based artist Ben Allen is most well-known for his controversial Pop paintings. Using a ‘collage’ style of unlikely juxtapositions, the dynamic paintings are complex mash-ups of popular culture that critiques the day-to-day dull and... Read more about Ben Allen


Billelis was born in Greece and when a youngster found his artistic love in ‘anime drawing, graffiti, tag bombing and large murals on trains ‘Yes Naughty’.  He continued to graffiti until he was 18 and... Read more about Billelis


Born in Paris in 68, Brat first became a movie director. Self-taught, he learns from various art forms, from films to paintings, from photography to music, from comics to the pop culture. As many images,... Read more about BRAT

Carl Cashman

Carl Cashman is a contemporary artist based in Devon, who creates stunning, vibrant geometric-based optical art. Some of Carl’s work is painted using UV reactive paint, which adds a further visual element to the pieces... Read more about Carl Cashman

Carne Griffiths

Working primarily with calligraphy inks, graphite and liquids, such as tea, Griffiths’ fascination with drawing focuses on the creation and manipulation of the drawn line. Images explore human, geometric and floral forms, in a combination... Read more about Carne Griffiths


D*Face is a London based stencil artist who sticks, pastes and draws on any wall or space he doesn't belong to him! An associate of Banksy, he is one of the most prolific street artists... Read more about D*Face

Dan Gold

Internationally Renowned tattoo artist Dan Gold has inked almost everyone from Kate Moss to Peaches Geldof at his studio. He has been making street art and tattooing rock stars for more than two decades. Dan... Read more about Dan Gold

Daniel Mernagh

Daniel Mernagh is a contemporary artist who has grown up in the inner city of London and dabbles in both graffiti and street art as well as having a passion for typography. Mernagh has both... Read more about Daniel Mernagh


Day-z is a London born artist who graduated in Fine Art from Central St Martins. With a pencil as the main weapon of choice, Day-z fuses techniques learned from the old and new masters with... Read more about Day-z


The life of this stencil artist is one of contradiction. The act of spray-painting is immediate and chaotic; the stencil is created painstakingly with absolute precision. A suitable medium for an artist who’s own life... Read more about DS


Emmanuel is a French artist, from Toulouse who has already had many extraordinary experiences and has travelled the world. He is set to take the art world by storm not only with his unforgettable art... Read more about Emmanuel

Frank E Hollywood

Upon viewing Frank’s work for the first time, I felt a visceral reaction. There was something alluring about the brightly hued, collaged surfaces of the canvas. The combination of saturated colors, the musical application of... Read more about Frank E Hollywood


When asked about the background of a piece of art, artists often provide deep and 'interesting' stories about the ideas motivating the work. Simple works of art are thus transformed into something great to be... Read more about Gieler


Hush is a British artist who trained as a graphic designer at The Newcastle school of art and design. His work took him to Asia where he has emerged himself in a diverse range... Read more about HUSH


Illuminati Neon create beautiful, desirable art from their Shepherds Bush studios. Rooted in the birthplace of punk, Illuminati Neon draws on the cultural vibes of West London to create artwork that enlightens the whole world.... Read more about Illuminati

James Joyce

James Joyce is a London based artist and graphic designer who has shown his work internationally, including Banksy’s Dismaland in 2015. His work pokes fun at cultural behemoths, such as the classic yellow smiley... Read more about James Joyce


Johnman likes to take old or familiar objects and breath new life into them by using them as his canvas and artistic inspiration. Inspired by Graffiti’s roots with the painting of trains; he set about spray painting intricately hand... Read more about Johnman

Jonathan Brier

The superficial element to my work is key, I strive for compositionally balanced and alluring imagery. However my relationship with the aesthetics and my outlook is at odds, a conscious contradiction. The façade I aim to... Read more about Jonathan Brier


Brian Donnelly is best known as the artist KAWS and is a New York-based artist who has made a name out of him designing limited edition toys and clothing. He is also a world-renowned artist who... Read more about KAWS


Kid-B is an emerging artist on the street-art scene. The creative brainchild of female DnB DJ ‘B-Trix Kiddo’, Kid-B translates her passion for Drum & Bass into her work, resulting in typography based imagery composed... Read more about Kid-B


Nick Stroud aka KillJoy. After turning down a place at Goldsmiths college London back in the 1980’s, Nick instead joined an interior design company that specialised in furniture making and decorative finishes. The experience in... Read more about KillJoy


Lemak, self-taught urban street and gallery artist has exhibited widely throughout the Uk and Europe. Since his debut at GRAFFIK Gallery on Portobello Road, West London he has gone on to feature in group shows... Read more about Lemak

Lewis Bannister

After growing up in what is probably the worst place for artistic inspiration, Wood Green London, Lewis’s art teacher handed him a copy of ‘Spraycan art’ which stopped him from getting a ‘proper job’ and... Read more about Lewis Bannister

Marie Louise Wrightson

Marie Louise studied fine art at Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art in Dundee, gaining a BA(hons) and Masters in Fine Art in 2005.  Marie’s painting’s can be found in St Andrews Museum, The Stirling... Read more about Marie Louise Wrightson

Mason Storm

Mason was born in London and has been a native there for 40 years. He never attended a ‘normal’ art college. His artistic education began when he was about 12 or 13. One night while... Read more about Mason Storm

Michelle Mildenhall

Michelle was born in Wiltshire and studied textiles and surface pattern at Somerset College of arts. This is where she first experimented with latex as a medium for her art. After... Read more about Michelle Mildenhall

Monika Nowak

Monika Nowak was born in Clermont-Ferrand in central France to a family of Polish artists. She now lives and works in Paris. After graduating from the prestigious Universities of Beaux-Arts and the Ecole Superieur des... Read more about Monika Nowak


Onyx is a self taught artist, born & raised in east London where he still lives & works today. Art revealed itself to him a few years ago after an accident left him in a... Read more about Onyx

Otto Schade

Otto Schade was born in Chile on the 30th October 1971. After a degree in Architecture at the Bio Bio University and one in Construction and Design in Concepción, Chile, he started his career as... Read more about Otto Schade

Paul McGowan

Paul McGowan is a Margate born well renowned artist whose work has been featured in publications such as The Guardian, The Times, The Evening Standard, Creative Review, BBC and many more to add to the... Read more about Paul McGowan


Rawksy’s artwork blurs the boundaries between collage and painting, using preparatory paper collages as a reference for his larger paintings. He aims to reflect the multi-layered visual experience we... Read more about Rawksy

Rich Parker

Born and still currently living in Nottingham, Rich is a self taught portrait artist who has always had a passion for painting and drawing. However it is only in recent years that he has pursued... Read more about Rich Parker

Robin Coleman

Born in the UK and without formal art training or schooling, Robin Coleman’s popularity and success are purely down to his hard work and original style. Each painting Robin produces takes hours and hours of... Read more about Robin Coleman

Roy's People

Roys people is an urban artist combining little people, photography and the streets to create a world beneath our feet. Having started 3 years ago with just installations, Roy took inspiration from the current urban... Read more about Roy's People

Russell Marshall

RUSSELL MARSHALL is an award winning newspaper designer and journalist living and working in London. His work reflects 25 years in the tabloid industry. Use of colour, production techniques and choice of images stem from... Read more about Russell Marshall


Schoony's Hyper-realist sculptures question war, mortality and contemporary society.His background is rooted in special effects and prosthetic's for the film industry, with his career spanning over twenty-five years. Since the age of fifteen he has worked on... Read more about Schoony

Simon Skint

Art was really the only thing that gave me any passion in my school days. Well that and smoking, skiving, girls and the occasional can of Special Brew. After being asked (not too politely) to... Read more about Simon Skint


SPLICE is a collaboration between Rachel Ann Stevenson and her partner who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. "In my work I try to capture the impossible the swirling mist... Read more about SPLICE

Steve Green

Steve is a 70's born and bred south east Londoner now based in Banbury Oxfordshire. Growing up in the borough of Lewisham surrounded by hip hop music & graffiti, Steve discovered what would become his... Read more about Steve Green

Strange Case

The Strange Case Company showcases the collective work of BAFTA and RSA award winning designers Jamie Durrant and Wayne Coley. Established in 2009, they playfully blend striking imagery with counterintuitive juxtapositions and intricate, fine details.... Read more about Strange Case

Tee Wat

The elusive street artist Tee Wat, whose irreverent anti establishment pieces are both graphic and humorous, is considered by many to be a bit fat. Some of his best known and admired pieces have appeared... Read more about Tee Wat

The Hagan Brothers

Born from the creative hands of internationally exhibited brothers Jo & Graeme, Hagan Brothers breathes new life into the modern art space and audaciously showcases the brothers’ conventional artistic training into contemporary pop art influenced... Read more about The Hagan Brothers

The Thomas Brothers

The Thomas Brothers are an art duo that has channelled sibling rivalry into a creative melting pot of artistic explosion. The brothers draw nostalgic references from their childhood to produce contemporary art with Pop themes... Read more about The Thomas Brothers

Tim Fowler

“I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2007 with a degree in Contemporary Fine Art. I began my career painting mainly architectural subject matter. From derelict factories to icon buildings. In 2013 I became interested... Read more about Tim Fowler

Trust. iCON

iCON is a street artist from Thamesmead in the south east of London (an area infamous for being the back drop for the cult movie classic A Clockwork Orange). Working with contrasting styles of cartoon... Read more about Trust. iCON

Urban Solid

Urbansolid started thanks to a friendship between two friends and a strong passion for art and sculpture. At the end of 2003, we both finished Brera Fine Art Academy, where we took an interest in... Read more about Urban Solid


VOID's work is his way of standing up against the mechanised life he sees and feels in his home country of Japan.  He represents his rebel soul through his street art, always adding a touch... Read more about VOID


The works we currently have in stock were created under the alias Peter Parker. We can now reveal that Peter Parker is Zinksy!!!   Zinsky’s remarkable portraits capture the essence of his subject in... Read more about Zinksy

Zoe Moss

After completing a foundation in art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, Zoe went on to do a BA Hons in fine art at the University of Central Lancashire, for which she received a... Read more about Zoe Moss