Lemak, artist profile image

Lemak, self-taught urban street and gallery artist has exhibited widely throughout the Uk and Europe. Since his debut at GRAFFIK Gallery on Portobello Road, West London he has gone on to feature in group shows alongside the likes of prestigious Urban Street artists, My Dog Sighs, Jim Starr, Cheba, Inkie and Tankpetrol. As well as Contemporary Fine Artists, Emma Caton, Lee Ellis and Mark Lloyd.

He is now a resident artist of ‘It’s All 2 Much’ Gallery in the heart of Bristol’s street art mecca, Stokes Croft where he had his first Solo Show, ‘Lemak to the Future’. His debut into the roles of Curator and Creative Producer, Lemak introduced audiences to further technical acumen with his use of Light and glass and choice of collaborators.

Born in 1980, he is currently based in Bristol but originates from Fleetwood, UK. He was inspired to pick up a spray paint can by stencil artists such as Snik , Banksy, Tank Petrol and started creating art in 2011.

Since then he has gone from strength to strength culminating in a resounding success at this year’s UPFEST 2015, Europe’s largest Street Art Festival, where his latest offerings received rave reviews in both the mainstream Media, Guardian Newspaper, BBC Points West as well as Street Art savvy blogging sites such as ‘ Le Nouvelle Artiste’.

Lemak’s successful development of a signature style of his own, merging the skills of his previous trade as a joiner with his artistic talents in such a short a time is testament to this artist’s innovative talent and skill as a stencil artist. Never one to rest on his laurels however, Lemak is pushing boundaries with his experimentation of presentation, combining immersive experience with appropriated materials and crossing into the realms of Low Relief, Sculpture, Multi-Media and Site Specific Installation. Not bound by traditional arts conventions he approaches his subject matter in a distinct and unique way.

Much of Lemak's art explores and captures the natural beauty caught in the eyes and expressions of the female form, while as a big sci-fi fan he uses modern technology and lighting distinctively combined to give his work a whole new perspective for the viewer.