Jonathan Brier

Jonathan Brier, artist profile image

The superficial element to my work is key, I strive for compositionally balanced and alluring imagery. However my relationship with the aesthetics and my outlook is at odds, a conscious contradiction. The façade I aim to create acts as a visual lure which enables me to say more, for longer than I feel is possible with a less subtle approach.

The still life and abstract work I engage in gives me the opportunity to clarify my thoughts, as well as express and practice the techniques that I will later transfer into my primary subject matter.

I find release and freedom in my abstract work, a contrast to the tighter observational studies of my still life and figurative work. My larger works can take months to complete which has a natural retarder on progress, however by interspersing smaller and seemingly unrelated works I am able to keep my ideas fresh and alive.

My work to date has evolved naturally and more importantly so has my subject matter. Becoming a painter has always been my priority so I have never felt the need to make a statement with my work just for the sake of it or in order to justify myself as an `Artist`. This is not to say that my work to date is without content, its just that its localised to the individual piece. Now I feel that I have found my subject and I am ready to explore it. I feel that I am ready to approach a more structured body of work.

My subject matter for consideration:

Essentially I am interested in Memetics and Cultures developed by our species. This conscious behaviour is mostly unique to us with minor exceptions and is arguably a progression of evolution as we know and understand it. I am interested in both the science behind the concept of the Selfish Gene (mathematically proven self-preservation, not consciously selfish) and how this has led to us developing Memes. The effect they have on us and our environment is considerable and is primarily what marks us apart from any other species or organism. This is an infinite subject which encompasses all decisions we make, however it is the more contrived Memes that I am most interested in.
 Politics, Religion and Business are some of primary organisations that have always had a vested interest in moulding and shaping us for their own benefit, usually financial. Self serving agendas are preached as ideals for the good of the majority, but are abundant with detrimental and irrevocable consequences. Relevant art needs to hold a mirror up and present the inconvenient truth,not just act as a comfort blanket offering empathy and consolation. Art needs to be our conscience and an alarm call for change.